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Sunday, July 5, 2009
the stories that happened yesterday

Last thursday was very fun. I went to JP with Seniors and reach home at ard 7. I was the only girl and junior there LOL.
Disgusting chili drink.
Ingredients- left over ice chocolate ( frm some random person ), chili sauce, two chili packets and water from Cao Jian's bottle.
^^^ Michael dares to try it =D
Iswaran, Cao Jian, Zhong Ping
Friday went studio again. I went to the studio everyday that week...
Kai Xiang being a retard -.- ....

On Sunday, I went for maths tuition!!! Weee finally got myself tuition.=D There were 5 students in the class, including me. Including the teacher, I was the only girl in the room.... 5 guys and 1 girl... Ah, nevermind, except for two students, the other three guys were quite good-looking :D.
Went to west mall after a headaching boring 2 hour long maths nightmare 0.o. Bought final fantasy XIII poker cards for $4.80. So ex lor, waste my money...

6:58 PM

Tuesday, June 30, 2009
the stories that happened yesterday

Wah today after school went to the new media studio. Was surpose to go Jasmin's house de but then all of a sudden go for cca.
We had the Q&a session for some film called Superfish. Yesterday did not sleep well then today so tired, almost fell asleep. Had to use Matthews phone to call seniors to come cause my phone out of power. They did not come.... Sian boring day sia. We all kana called to ask questions, me , siling and matthew...
Very uneventful day...whooohooo
P.s Just created a facebook account yesterday. Dunno why, just felt like it. =D

7:22 AM

Friday, June 26, 2009
the stories that happened yesterday

Went to Sakura for lunch with cousins today. Eat a few plates then too full, cannot eat liao...-.-....
Wah mother finally allow me to go school sia , amazing!! =D
Filmed a retarded scene. Just stand there and dont move can liao.
Jason then want to film some NDP video scene.
Just sit there and look happy can liao....
New Media studio damn cold sia. Why everyone all warmer than me?!
Hugged Si ling for a while before she told me to go hug iswaran.
-Racist joke moment-
Forgot how to play Bleach. Got kana thrashed by Cao Jian...
YAY!!! Bleach 6!!! Dun understand Jap.... Im so retarded... T.T
Left studio at 4+, abt to be 5.
I think we abandoned Desmond and Jason in the studio...
Bought Strawberry Milkshake for $1.80.
Brainfreeze again sia......:(
Went back on the MRT with Cao jian.
Reach home at 5.49p.m.

Wa, damn happy sia, homework all done liao.
Can slack in the weekends =D.

5:42 AM

Tuesday, June 23, 2009
the stories that happened yesterday

Went for filming AGAIN. This, time I brought along the cheerleading garb i wore that time with Mariayh =D. Desmond say it was better than the one before ( I personally like that one more leh) . The walking scene damn fast then shot finish. Wah 3-4 takes only! compared to yesterday's staggering 15 -17 it was a big improvement!
Then have the slapping scene. Wen jun got kana slapped by ME!!! Har har =D. Wa I'm surprised that we did not have to do that scene 20 times ( we did about 6-7). If do 20 times will have to switch to jackpot liao. :P. Didnt know I can slap so hard. Demo shot only and the slap already damn loud O.O...
Next, we went to the music room. Some sort of ghost scene, I guess. Dun understand wad was going on. Wa got one part damn scary, Desmond got angry cause Kai Xiang was making alot of noise. I learned a special lesson today - seriously don't get Desmond angry.
Then we went JE. Desmond was talking abt what to do tml. Talk for damn long, dunno how long I spent in front of the bubble tea store. Bought chocolate and strawberry ice blended for $1.80.... Then we went into popular bookshop
Went home at ard 6.22p.m. Reach at 6.45p.m .Wah sian gt scolding frm mother because I forgt to call her @ 6.... Ah nevermind.
Just finished the maths project's graphs. Cannot edit cause my Microsoft powerpoint is a different version.... end up redoing the whole thing.... Then print them out and finish pasteing everything at 12+....
Poor me T.T...

8:52 PM

Monday, June 22, 2009
the stories that happened yesterday

Surpose to go for filming for sdma, then cannot even enter school. They tell me go school at 8a.m , I reach just four minutes earlier and got tio by V.principal.... She ask why are u here, did you receive the sms and other stuff. Wa lao, Kai Xiang came some time later followed by Cao Jian. Wa lao kai xiang can talk like mad, we were surpose to go home but then in the end, OM let us stay and wait for Mr Jeffery. Desmond went in sch and bought pau. =D
The filming was damn hard. Walao to just walk properly I need around 15 shots, even worse than Wen Jun sia.
Later, went to wei lins house to do project. Managed to finish two in one day. The third one would be finished if only I can download the graphs. Something wrong with either the email or my com sia.I went to west mall with huiying to buy the board for the maths project. We ended up going one whole round around west mall ,searching for Mc Donalds for ice cream. Later realised that Mc Donalds was actually near the Mrt station.
Nothing else to type liao.
p.s, Wen jun, U R BLOODY DEAD

6:39 PM